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Here are some frequently asked questions about Pilates and classes at Move With Mollie, if you can't find the answer you're looking for then head to our Get In Touch page and submit a question!

What do I need to bring with me to class?

All you need to bring is a Pilates or Yoga mat and yourself. It's recommended that you source your own however we always have spares, just incase!

How many classes should I do per week?

The answer to this question will be dependant on the individual and how much they feel they can commit to. In order to really feel, and see the benefits of Pilates then at least two classes a week will give you results.

How does the block booking work?

Block bookings are a great way to lock in a chunk of classes and stay consistent with your practice. Once you've bought your block booking pricing plan, you will still need to book into the desired classes. You can either book them all in one go, or week by week - and you don't always have to stick to the same session each week, feel free to mix it up!

Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Yes! All my classes are mixed-ability and beginner friendly, so no matter your experience there will be something in a session for you! I make sure that exercises can be layered up or down with progressions and modifications, this way you'll always have the option to challenge yourself as well as take it at your own pace. My classes are for every body.

What should I wear!?

Whatever you're happy in! You just need to be able to move your body and feel comfortable doing it. No shoes required.

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