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Embracing Autumn

"Autumn reminds us that change can be beautiful"

Typically, I am a summer person. I love the lighter evenings, the lack of coats, a pub garden, a Mr. Whippy, the list goes on! So, when the nights draw in and the temperature drops, I find myself in a serious mental dip. I anticipate the season change like a sad anniversary, mourning the loss of freckles, hot summer sun and Birkenstocks as I layer up and give in to the low moods, blocked noses and minimal motivation to get up and move. It's almost like an important part of my personality is resenting autumn and winter. I have an LED lamp to mimic daylight during the long evenings and a 'Lumie alarm clock' that wakes me up with an artificial sunrise on dark mornings (I'll link them below, after all... needs must). Now, I understand how morbid this all sounds, but this year, I'm taking a different approach.

A few weeks ago I saw a quote in a shop window that read "Autumn reminds us that change can be beautiful", and I immediately thought yeah right and went about my day feeling annoyed that I was cold and wearing an itchy bobble hat. But it stuck with me, and later on I thought to myself "What if you just try to embrace autumn? You don't have to love it, you don't even have to like it, but what if you just try to embrace it for what it is?" What is it about this chilly, wet and windy time of year that I find so daunting? It's easy to say 'the shorter days and darker nights', it's easy to say 'the rain and the cold', but it all boils down to one thing. Change. I'm not someone who copes well with change in general, so it's no surprise that I find the seasonal change tough too. So, this year I'm challenging myself to embrace autumn as it is: this messy, crunchy, uncertain season - and here's how I'm doing it..

- I'm looking at bare branches and reminding myself that leaves have to fall to make room for new beginnings.

- I'm making an effort to admire the bright orangey-yellow colour palette that paints November's nature.

- I'm wearing a less itchy bobble hat and I'm instantly happier about the whole thing.

- I'm going out of my way to step on a crunchy-looking leaf to hear that

satisfying crack under my boots.

- I'm giving myself time away from screens in the mornings and evenings and leaning into my circadian rhythm.

But most importantly, in this journey to embracing autumn and change, I'm accepting that yes, I'll feel low at times and I may find it hard to get out of the house, to move my body. But when I do, I'll make sure I'm moving in a way that feels good for me in mind as well as body. Perhaps, a windy walk, a rainy run, and of course, there's always a safe space on the mat for some Pilates. There may be some days when the best I can do is sit inside, watch the telly and do the bare minimum, and that's fine too. I'm learning to listen to my body and mind and give them what they need. And hey, maybe you're already an autumn person! That's great! Maybe you thrive in layers and layers of scarfs and wooly jumpers. Maybe you're the polar opposite to me and the thought of hot summer sun and Birkenstocks makes you want to drown in a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (yum!). But if you are like me, and you can already feel yourself dipping or sinking into a seasonal low, then my advice is to show yourself compassion, remind yourself that even above those big black clouds the sun is still there. Try to find little pockets of beauty in the day-to-day and to learn to soak up this messy, crunchy, uncertain season by embracing all the changes that comes with it. Embrace Autumn. All the love, Mollie x

Lumie Sunrise Alarm Clock: LED Light Therapy Lamp:

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1 Comment

Beautiful sentiments and I will get myself one of those lamps. I find making myself go to your Pilates sessions gives me a boost. I always feel like I’m having to drag myself to the sessions but come out almost skipping with energy. Keep up the good work.

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