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What's in your Pilates bag?

Top 5 Pilates Kit Bag Essentials...

When it comes to mat-based Pilates you don't need a lot of additional equipment for an effective feel-good workout, but there are a few things to make sure you have packed in your Pilates bag to get the most out of a class! In this blog I'm going to talk you through my top 5 Pilates essentials with some suggested products linked at the end for you to start building up your own Pilates kit bag! If you're a regular Pilates go-er it's a good idea to have a set bag for your kit that can be ready and waiting for your next class, and The MWM Large Tote is the absolute perfect size for your own Pilates essentials!

Let's get to it...


Tote Bag, Pilates, Workout Bag
MWM Large Tote (£16)

1) Pilates Mat

This first one is a little obvious, I know. But without a good quality and supportive mat your Pilates practice can really suffer! Classic Pilates mats are just over 8mm thickness, the foamier the mat the more support you have for your joints and your spine, which can be especially helpful for people who suffer from arthritis or joint pain in the wrists, knees, hips or back! Of course, we are all different, and as long as you have a mat that feels good under your body then that's what counts!

2) A small hand towel

A simple and versatile piece of kit that we all have sitting in a drawer at home and can be used in many different ways throughout your workout. Simply rolling or folding up a hand towel can help keep alignment and offer extra padding to joints and creates assistance in certain exercises. This is a particularly useful tool for those who struggle to imprint the lumbar spine during core-work due to a having deeper curve in their lower back. A hand towel can be a real game changer in your practice!

3) Water

Another self-explanatory one for you, but staying hydrated throughout your Pilates practice is so important! Try to drink a big glass of water about 30 minutes before and after your class; This will keep your energy levels up throughout your workout, and will help your body and muscles to rehydrate and recover quicker afterwards. Have a bottle nearby in class to take sips from as needed, because as someone who is admittedly bad at drinking enough water I can't stress enough the difference it makes when you're properly hydrated!

4) A Pilates block

Pilates blocks are a great addition to your kit bag as they offer support and better alignment in supine and seated positions! Examples: - If you have tight hips, then sitting on a block can help open the hip-flexors, lengthen the spine and ease tension. - Kyphotic posture types (rounded upper back) can benefit from having a block under the head during supine exercises to keep the head in line with the spine. - Placing a Pilates block between knees can ensure good alignment in the lower body and improve body awareness. I often have blocks available in class, but I always recommend having your own kit for your personal practice!

5) Mat Cleaner

Whether you spend 30 minutes a week practicing Pilates or 5+ hours, the last thing you want is a grubby mat! Mat maintenance is essential for a long lasting Pilates mat, it's cost effective and most importantly... hygienic! When you consider the fact we go from standing to sitting, from 4 point kneeling to facedown, from side-lying to supine all in one class, it's vital to keep on topped up on your mat cleaner!


So there you have it, my Top 5 Pilates Kit Bag Essentials, I hope you found this helpful! The point of this blog isn't to say if that you don't have these things you won't have a good workout - all you truly need is your wonderful-self and a mat, these are just a few bits I find really compliment the quality of my practice! If you have any of your own essentials or suggestions then I'd love to hear them in the comments! As promised, I have linked some products below as examples so you can build up your own kit bag! If you're interested in purchasing a MWM Large Tote (as pictured above!) then drop me an email at with the word TOTE in the subject. See you on the mat,

Mollie x


I love getting Pilates mats from Decathlon! They are great quality and have a brilliant variety of thickness and styles. I've linked one above that is durable, foamy and easy to clean! Other places to pick up good quality mats are Sports Direct & TK Maxx.

This is something we all have sitting somewhere at home, but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself to a specific towel just for your Pilates practice hehe.

Personally I love a Chilly's bottle as they keep my water cold for so long which really hits the spot in the middle of a Dynamic Pilates class.

When it comes to a Pilates block there are so many out there to choose from. Yoga blocks that are slightly smaller and thicker can be a good option, but classic Pilates blocks are bigger and thinner and more functional. I've linked an example above but you can find similar styles on Amazon a lot cheaper.

Nobody wants a grubby mat, a mat cleaner I love can be found in Decathlon (I promise I'm not sponsored by them haha!) But honestly any antibac cleaner will do the trick!

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