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Why I love Mondays

I've never been great at keeping a routine and I'm a textbook over-thinker and procrastinator; but since running my own business, I've realised I want, and need, to be a person of more order and organisation. (Probably a bit unrealistic given the things I've just told you, but we can dream..) I try to make Mondays my day of reset and refresh, it's a chance to set the tone and intentions for the rest of the week. I used to say the only bit of routine I had was waking up and having a cup of coffee; whatever I did after that I was making up as I went along.

But creating a small and flexible routine of morning habits really helps me stay on track throughout the week.

It doesn't always happen but my Mondays usually go like this...

Move my body... Finding time in the morning to move my body really helps me feel grounded and kicks the week off with a little endorphin release, and we all need more endorphins in our life! I like to practice Pilates for myself outside of teaching classes, it gets me out of my head and into my body. So part of my Monday morning routine is rolling out my mat and just letting my body move, you don't always need someone to be telling you what to do on the mat, just moving your body in a way that feels good for you can be really refreshing.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” - Joseph Pilates

Write my to-do list (and DO my to-do list) / journaling...

Even though organisation isn't my strong point (yet) I've always had a soft spot for lists. Sometimes my to-do list can be quite long and a bit overwhelming, but physically writing out the things that seem like a big job in my mind onto a bit of paper makes them feel so much less daunting and more achievable. I also find this works with journaling. It is no secret we could all do better at looking after our mental health, and I find that jotting down any big feelings or thoughts really helps me make sense of what might be going on mentally and clears my head for the rest of the week. Be kind to your minds gang x

Spark joy... Once all my to-do's are out of the way I try to carve out a portion of the day to do something for myself, going for a walk, trying a tasty new soup recipe, FaceTiming a friend or meeting my mum for a coffee. It's important to make time to do things that spark joy, even though it can be so easy to get bogged down with work and life, if we didn't have play there would be nothing to work for!

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.” - Joseph Pilates

Teach Pilates...

I'm so lucky that I get to finish off most days teaching Pilates. I love seeing people come back to the mat each week to do something for themselves, not only physically but mentally too. There's nothing much else to say about this part of my Monday other than that I absolutely adore it ❣️

So I love Mondays, they are a chance to mould the week ahead, a chance to reset your mind and body and come back to yourself after the weekend. And if the rest of your week doesn't go to plan then please don't be too hard on yourself, because hey... at least you've had Monday!

All the love Mollie x

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