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Welcome to Move With Mollie

Pilates and me...

I've always had a funny relationship with exercise. Having danced from a young age, I've always been active but not sporty. I go through phases of trying different things but have always struggled to find something that feels like me and sticks! After graduating from dance college in 2018 and a brief stint performing for a living, I started to struggle with my mental health and found it hard to motivate myself to stay moving if it wasn't dancing. I tried so hard to enjoy the gym, attempted sooo many weird and wonderful Youtube workouts during lockdown and I still get bursts of motivation to be an avid runner in the summer months. But there's one form of exercise that I find myself coming back to time and time again, the one thing that sticks... Pilates.

"Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit" - Joseph Pilates

I love the way it allows me to completely switch off anything going on inside my head and focus solely on myself. If I go for a run on a treadmill or take a HIIT class my brain eventually starts to wander... "what's for dinner.. I need to take that parcel to the post office.. I've got so much on my to-do list I could cry.." But with Pilates, there's so much to think about in each exercise that it's almost impossible to think about anything else! It's challenging, calming and grounding all in one, and I always feel like a better version of myself physically and mentally after a good Pilates class.

Prioritising my mental health is something that is so important to me and I believe that listening to the needs of our bodies and minds is key to having a good balance in life (and I don't mean standing on 1 leg or performing a teaser exercise.) Believe me when I say, I'm no pro in that area - I've spent years pushing through physical and mental strain because I thought it would make me stronger and more resilient, but that couldn't be more wrong. Our bodies and minds need rest and relaxation just as much as they need exercise and movement; I think we could all do with more time to unwind and honour ourselves.

After a year studying, I qualified my Level 3 Pilates Instructor course with Future Fit in July 2021 and started teaching pretty soon after. I've been lucky enough to teach some truly incredible and inspiring people so far and I just want to share my knowledge and love for Pilates and movement to help people get to know themselves a little better - physically and mentally.

'Move With Mollie' is just getting going and there's so much I have planned for this venture. I can't wait to bring you all along for the ride. All the love, Mollie x

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I can honestly say that finding Mollie’s classes has been the icing on the cake following my move to the Southampton area in June 2021. I look forward to the classes and leave feeling like I’ve done something really worthwhile both physically and mentally. Thank you so much Mollie!

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